Boy and his sister Girl were rescued two years ago from Home Depot. Boy and Girl were stranded and hiding out among some boxes and their mother was no where to be found. They were the last two of a litter of four. We had decided not to separate them, and took them both home to love them. The Boy, who they named "Boy" got comfortable immediately, while the girl who they still call "Girl" was much more shy and timid. It took her a while to trust and get comfortable with her new surroundings, but they both grew to love their humans as much as they loved them. Boy is very affectionate, loving, and loves attention. He?ll lay on you and purr for your affection. Girl is lovely, soft, delicate, and will come to you when she is ready, but when she does, she?s very loving and kind. She seeks your attention when she is ready and willing. The kittens were taken to the vet to be fixed, but Girl was already pregnant.
"I felt like I had a teen pregnancy on my hands. Girl had four beautiful babies kittens, all female... The kittens grew up to be playful, warm, affectionate, and a little spoiled! Although we had decided to keep them, mostly because I had fallen in love with them after seeing them born, and didn?t want to separate them from their Mom and Dad, we found out WE were expecting a little baby ourselves. Now, as much as I would love to think I can handle a new born baby and 6 cats?I just can?t do it. I?m absolutely heartbroken to have to give them up, but in the end I want them to be in a home where they can get the attention they deserve, and still be able to be with at least one other family member." This little family is seeking their forever home: Boy, Girl, and their offspring C-Monkey, Biggie, Patch and Grey Bear. Our baby has now arrived!!! We would love to see them go in pairs, we know the bonds that have with one another. The kittens were born on April 21st and the parents were born Summer of . The mother was only a couple of months old when she had her litter therefore her offspring are small for a birth date of apr ..